About FFC

FFC's founder, Harshad Dharod, left Bombay, India to pursue a medical education in the US.  To cover his educational costs, he got a job at Jack in the Box, as a crew member.  He rose rapidly within the system becoming a franchise owner within just seven years.   FFC operated 19 Jack in the Box restaurants within the next five years.  Later Harshad would sell those restaurants and purchase 65 Carl's Jr restaurants among other brands. This success was achieved by following these basic principles: “serve quality food, create a friendly environment, maintain a clean store, offer superior guest service, and a practice an above and beyond work ethic”. Harshad and his team at FFC continue to replicate their initial successes. 

Harshad Dharod recognized that to run a large organization with thousands of employees, he had to train, delegate authority, and reward performance.  He provides a constant pursuit of high standards and principles, practices participative management, seeks to promote the management team from within and demonstrates firm leadership standards that permeate throughout the organization.  

Our asset and property management services focus on the objective of maintaining, enhancing & preserving the tangible and long-term market values of properties, whether they are commercial, single family or multi-family properties.  With our years of management experience we remain committed to our objective:

·          Diligent & fair administration of leases

·          Management of property improvements

·          Responsiveness to tenant needs and a high degree of tenant satisfaction aimed at retaining and expanding existing tenants

·          Intelligent planning for the future needs of the investment utilizing our collective expertise in property management practices and knowledge of market dynamics